Tuesday 4 February 2014

Deptford community pancake race Shrove tuesday 4 March.. come have some fun

I agree times are hard and with the local elections upon us, thought it was a good idea to bring all community together, not just people that live here, but also the workers.
What better way than to hold a fun pancake race.
Time will be 11am-12 midday by the Albany, the plan is to have 4 competitions, 3 person teams .
Game one, standard race in which winner is person who can toss the pancakes the most over the course, Next will be 3 legged race followed by competition to see who can toss the highest.
Judges will give points, for each game, team with most points from judges wins. The winning team will win a work of art by a talented Deptford artist.

Any group can enter a team, cafes, shops, church, mums group, local business, residents group, students etc. This is about bringing  Deptford together.
We ask that all teams raise food for the food bank or cash the week leading up to pancake day.
Any one up for this, just email Me;

We Care food bank..., Big Red Pizza Bus, Little Nans all saying will be putting in a team . You only need 3 people to enter a team.

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