Tuesday 11 February 2014

Radicle Housing Network .. Be part of the fight to defend and build social, Self build and Co operative housing.

I am writing on behalf of the Radical Housing Network (RHN) to see if you would be interested in taking part in the Radical Housing Weekender happening on the 26th and 27th April 2014, involving groups from the private-rented sector, social housing, co-operatives and squatting. The aim of the event is educate and inform people about radical housing solutions, to highlight housing as a major issue before the local government  elections in May, and lastly, as a build-up to a large housing action/s during the May Day week. We need as many people, from a diversity of backgrounds and situations, to get involved to make the Weekender the most successful and inclusive housing event we can.
The event aims to highlight four key themes, namely:
·         housing affordability
·         eviction resistance
·         rent control
·         land use
The event will be structured as follows:
Saturday 26th April
The first day of events will happen in four areas across London, representing its four quadrants (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest). Housing and community campaigners from the local areas will organise a timetable of activities for the day around one of the four themes, such as talks, film-showings, exhibitions, anti-gentrification tours, or whatever types of events will engage, interest or inspire people to take action on housing in their area.  

Sunday 27th April
Sunday will take place in a Central London location (TBC) and will be a day with two streams of activity, the first being talks and workshops, the second action and action planning. The talking stream will consist of good speakers on housing issues, groups feeding back from the four Saturday locations around London, workshops to help people with ongoing housing campaigning. The action stream will consist of making props and banners, getting legal training and making plans for the big action during the May Day week. These two streams will meet all-together at various points as an assembly to ratify certain decisions, decide a joint action, etc.      
Action – May Day Week
The Radical Housing Weekender is the warm-up to a large action which will take place during the May Day week. The action hopes to achieve the following: 1) get attention focused on housing issues, 2) influence the local elections in May, 3) hold policiticians and corporates to account, 4) unite disparate housing struggles across London for a day. More details will be available closer to the time. 
The Radical Housing Weekender will need:
1] Groups or individuals interested in hosting, running or organising events in one of the four areas on the Saturday, and a workshop/ talk for the Sunday; be as creative and off-the-wall as you want.
2] Details passed on to any group or people you think might be interested in doing something for the Weekender or afterwards; get them to get in touch with RHN or local organising groups.
What the Radical Housing Network can do to help:
1] RHN can ask speakers who talked at the Open House 2013 event, to come talk at your local event on the Saturday (to see the sorts of talks at Open House 2013, visit: http://openhouse2013.com/2013/05/18/open-house-events-saturday-18-may/)
2] Provide marketing materials, publicity, and printing for events, and links to other groups to make the event a success.
3] RHN will be organising the infrastructure to host the event, and to ensure the event is scheduled and publicised. Thereafter, the involvement of everyone is required.

To find out more about the Radical Housing Network, and it’s set of principles, visit: http://radicalhousingnetwork.org/
To contact RHN, email: housingnetwork[at]lists[dot]riseup[dot]net www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk

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