Friday 7 February 2014

Millwall Foot Ball Club and Labour dodgy deal Letter to Mayor.

Dear Steve,

You'll be well aware of the headlines in the local papers about the threat to Millwall's Community Trust programme.

As you know, Lewisham People Before Profit campaigns against privatisation of public services and it is our view that land owned by the Council should be retained, not sold off, even in times of financial difficulty such as these.

It seems that many residents of Lewisham, and further afield, are also sceptical about the advantages of selling of these parcels of land to ReNewal for the development of the area into another high-density tower-block area of largely unaffordable homes, many of which will be added to some millionaires' asset portfolios. Employment opportunities for local people will be reduced, throwing  people onto the scrapheap.

The online petition I started early this morning to support the "SaveOurMillwall" campaign has received over 700 signatures.  You may care to look at it:

I am attaching an Excel file with the comments some of the signatories have left.

We have also started a paper petition which people can download from our website.

Best wishes,


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