Friday 7 February 2014

Millwall Foot Ball Land Grab.. Just some of your comments.SIGN the Petition TODAY.

Because the last thing Lewisham needs is more ugly housing developments that does not improve things for the homless.  WE are drowning in people without the roadways  doctors and schools to support a reasonable life.  Its time to stop building giant developments that make people uneasy and unhappy.  The only excuse for them would be that the housing waiting list ceases to exist 
Mfc supporter. Keep it local    
Work with the club not against it!         
Community before profits         
i've supported Millwall for 25 years and have seen what they have done for not only the local community but the borough in general. this could well force us to relocate  what are your intentions for the money made from the sale?
As a Millwall supporter I have concerns that selling this land to a private developer will harm the club and damage the excellent work that Millwall do in the local community.  
If the discussions were not amicably held and an agreement with the Club reached prior to the proposal announced  they have not been properly consulted. I urge the Council to reconsider.       
To save the future of our club lewisham council have stabbed us in the back      
Millwall is my second home...We shall fight until our last breath to save a club so close to our hearts!     
People Before Profit have consistent put our community First  unlike Labour in the pocket of developers. I am voting for them in May and support Millwall football club.            
We need all the land we have.  
Destroying a world class community scheme for profit - Lewisham council should be ashamed  
Because I feel Millwall is an intergral part of the community and bringing people together rain or shine  and should be supported by the local council instead of being sold off bit by bit. This privatisation of the land will mean that the supporters and people of Lewisham will have to spend more money on tickets to go          
Millwall Supporter and local resident    
this is my football club...why have you done this to milllwall fc...cant wait for the local elections as the end of labour in lewisham will now be complete..          
millwall is my life my second home        
Millwall fan . lewisham voter    
We (Millwall FC) have done so much for the local community and this is what we get back from our local council. We will fight this all the way.     
Stabbed in the back. You'll be losing my vote and many others in the community councillor.       
My beloved club needs to move forward  yet stay in it's original home! 
Because I love Millwall            
a 100 year old club given no quarter .   
The community scheme does good work for local people of all backgrounds.    
My Local club. Don't want to see it destroyed! 
My son has played football at Millwall's holiday clubs - it's a great community resource.
Millwall is an important part of the local community and it should be allowed to contribute further whislt also benefiting in return! 
Millwall was  is and should always be the heartbeat of the community    
Millwall have done a lot of work within the community  and should be allowed to continue. Rather than sell land to a property developer who will say anything to get planning permission..    
Great Petition Well done People Before Profit exposing yet again Labour Dodgy dealings. You get my Vote in May       
Millwall shouldn't be squeezed to of Lewisham by council underhanded dealings with property developers         
The continuing ability of Millwall FC to be able to operate in Bermondsey is vital to the local area in my opinion.            
Millwall FC has been in the area for 104 years and deserves a safeguarded future in the area.    
To preserve the future of Millwall football club and the great work it does in the local community  rather than for sale to a profit seeking organisation        
It is vital to the future of a long standing football club     
Millwall FC are key members to the lewisham community. By supporting the community schemes and hospital  Millwall are always at the forefront to the causes within the community. It is about time Lewisham backed Millwall as much as Millwall backs Lewisham.         
This is my football club, who I have supported since I was a child. The work the club do in and around the community is superb and have supported local issues, such as the Save Lewisham Hospital A&E campaign. Selling off land around the club will damage the club substantially. It is wrong and ill-judged. Lewisham Council must reconsider their actions.
I live in surrounding area & support Millwall.. It's a great community which should not be destroyed.     
A club with a such a strong connection to the local community should take priority over the short term needs of a developer. Millwall FC will be there for another 90 years at least  Renewal won't care what happens to the area when 10 minutes after they've made their money and moved on          
Because Millwall FC is a major part of the community of this area and has been for generations. It is a cultural religion and belongs here in SE16.  
because i love Millwall and they have helped the community so mach    
Yes  I second that... People Before Profit really do put the people first! Selling land to developers which may put Millwall FC at risk! Disgraceful! LPBP get my vote in May! Keep up the good Work!  Power to the People!     
Millwall is a community thing. They do loads for the community  including helping in the campaign to save Lewisham A&E and Maternity services. They do lots for Prostate charities and the local community and kids     
Disgraceful. I'll stand against you Mayor at the next election if you sign this off. And I'd do it for half your wages you greedy sod.     

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