Friday 7 February 2014

Millwall Foot Ball Ground. Day 2 Of Petition and Community campaign

Thank you for signing the petition calling on the Mayor of Lewisham not to sell off the land near Millwall's stadium.

Over 700 people have signed in the first day.  Further information at

We are working closely with the Save Our Millwall campaign to get the Mayor to change his mind.

Lewisham People Before Profit is a campaigning group and a political party, and the Mayor knows that we have a good chance of winning council seats in Deptford and New Cross in the May elections.  He can't just brush aside the views of the people who have signed the petition because his New Labour councillors fear losing their seats.

Please spread the word about the petition as widely as you can by email, twitter and facebook, but also print out a copy of the paper version that's attached and get your neighbours, family and workmates to sign. 
Please post them back to the address on the bottom or drop them in by Monday 17th February, or if you're going to the match on Saturday 15th you can give the completed sheets in to one of our campaigners who will be getting signatures before the match.

Millwall FC has done a lot to support our community, including a huge contribution to the magnificent Save Lewisham Hospital campaign which People Before Profit spearheaded - now the rest of the community needs to come to the aid of Millwall.

I'm attaching the Land Registry entry as of today, which shows that the land still belongs to the Council, whatever some people are claiming. 
There is time to stop this deal, so let's make sure we do.


John Hamilton, Campaign Officer; Follow Ray on twitter@Raywoolford

P.S. Planning committee documents can be read at:

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