Thursday, 15 November 2012

Are we a Nation for People that no long care about anything than ourselfs?

One of the worst aspect of the Thatcher Years is that it breed far to many people who only think about themselfs, giving out save our Hospital flyers to raise awareness of the planned closure to much of Lewisham Hospital, i have been staggered by the numbers that just do not give a toss, whilst some are even abusive and yet these same people would be first to complain should they,  god forbid need the help of A&E at Lewisham hospital only to find it closed.
It is not just about Campaigns, we have a huge number of small political parties that we can all vote for instead of the establishment, and yet time after time,like Turkeys voting for Christmas, like robots the masses go an vote as they have always done without any thought, or do not bother even if they have a candidate that shares there views.
Lewisham Council has 42 Labour Councillors, 3 Labour MPs and a Labour Mayor, and yet even when given a chose to vote for political groups that oppose the cuts, they still vote in Labour, who have done nothing for Lewisham residents.
Last month my staff Found a £38.000 Watch, they could have kept it, sold it, but we handed it into the Police, it had been reported stolen in July, even though the watch was collected by its owner, it was to much trouble to send an email to say thank you for being honest, thank you for handing back my watch.
On Saturday 24th November at 2pm, local people can spend just 1 hour to march on Lewisham Hospital top show that it is valued and needed by Lewisham residents, if we do not show up in huge numbers, we will lose the Hospital, once it has gone, it will never come back, you may think you do not use the Hospital, it does not matter to you, but if we all keep thinking this that we can not together make a difference, what a terrible world we will create. Lewisham People before Profit i am proud to say is packed with people that truly reflectys the residential population of the Borough, come to one of our open to all monthly meetings held the first monday in the Month, at the Broca Cafe 7pm opposite Brockley station.

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