Monday, 12 November 2012

Lewisham hospital Plan for demonstration on 24 November

Lewisham Police are expected  today to approve the March for Saturday 24th November at 2pm.
The March will start opposite Lewisham Police Station and then set off to Lewisham Hospital, with main Hospital banner at the front followed by Hospital staff  bands and Patients and then the Unions followed by we hope hundreds if not thousands of local residents.
The idea is to link arms around the hospital, and having spent the weekend planning the route it will work very well, with the Ladywell park ideal for speakers, this will also allow disabled access and part of the demo will be a huge Conga and the Lewisham Hospital choir featured on the BBC.
With over 100 stewards needed, we can never get anothe offers of help.
Lewisham People before Profit has a petition on its website, please download and get signatures in your street, place of work, local School etc.
We have a planning meeting wednesday night, when the all party campaign group will be elected. Our Hospital is to important to do anything other than work with Labour, Greens The Unions, and every resident that is demanding our Hospital is safe.
I am Organising door to door petitions in New Cross and Deptford, if you can help, email me.
We can only save our Hospital by showing we CARE, this march needs to be huge, and we need the numbers to link arms around the Hospital.
See you all on 24th November, at Brockley Market on Saturday response was terrific, thank you for the offers of help, Last we we delivered a staggering 50.000 flyers across Lewisham in less than a week.
Every home in Deptford and New Cross will  have had a flyer delivered by the end of this week by my regular delivery Lewisham Campaigner  teams.

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