Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lewisham Hospital.What to say for Consultation

With a  huge campaign under way to stop the closure of A&E  department at Lewisham Hospital, the public have been asked as to their views.
 Clearly we think the goverment is not being fair with the timescale to object, or the fact that a Hospital that only had Millions of pounds invested in April should through no fault of its own, be facing closure due to problems in other arears.
Whilst the Labour party set up the PFI finance deal that has lead to the failure of the area Hospital trust, the Labour party also set into law the scheme in which Hospitals can be taken over by Accountants, under PFI, the number one bill that must be paid, above tax and patient care and staff wages  PFI. it is not unlike the Goverment taking out a Loan with wonga..
Whilst it has cost millions to build the Hospital, under the payment terms, we tax payers will be paying back billions in rent and service charges and will at the end, never own a thing, this is nothing short of a national scandle and should be outlawed.

Objections to be made, whilst it is tempting to say we want our hospital, or we do not want it closed, a consultation must be based on good reason, in this case i would suggest you write in adding the Following;

1/ The population of Lewisham, is set to rise dramatically with Thousands of new homes being built in the Borough and Southwark which will lead to a huge increase in demand, Population growth has not been taken into account .

2/ Explain why if you had an emergency, you would be less likely to go to Bromley, but would go to Kings or St Thomas.

3/ Write about the importance of the Hospital and how the hospital care has saved your life or some one you care about.

4/ Highlight the fact that in Lewisham we have a huge young population and that most of the new apartments will be a size that attracts young families, therefore the need for a Maternity unit is crucial to deal with the areas growing demand.

5/ Highlight the terrible traffic congestion, we do not have bus lanes that can get people in an emergency from Lewisham to Bromley.

6/ Some times other hospitals have been closed and patients moved to lewisham, any examples you have of this will be crucial.

7/ get everyone you can to respond to the consultation, if you need a petition, People before Profit will email you one to collect names.Join the March on Saturday November the 24th at 3pm, by Lewisham Station and bring your family and neighbours. Call on Labour to Ban PFI.
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