Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lewisham Food Bank to serve whole Borough

We Care the food bank Charity set up br Barbara Raymond and Ray Woolford, active members of Lewisham People before Profit, has secured a major deal to be able to feed up to 1000 families a week.
We Care launched in September 2012, and feeds growing numbers of people in New Cross and Deptford.
We Care are keen to point out, that it is a disgrace that in this day and age, due to Goverment failings we are having to feed people through the 3000 plus food banks across the UK and rising.
As with the New cross and deptford aspect, Food is to help people who find due to a large bill, benefit cut, lose of job, or even a local small trader who due to cash flow, has no money to feed the family. This food bank does not feed the Homeless, we have huge number of groups in Lewisham already feeding this Group. What is shocking, is the Numbers of working people and Pensioners desperate for food.
We Care Food Bank is Open 11am-2pm Monday to Friday.
467 New Cross Road Deptford SE14. Tel or Text 07561 17 617.
Or just email me.
We have New Posters about the food bank and Flyers should you need them, ideal for Community Centres, Schools, etc.
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