Monday, 19 November 2012

Former Labour Lewisham Councillor and Labour Leader Escapes Jail due to Depression

Whilst most residents would face a stiff term in jail for stealing public money, it seems fine for Politicians to escape prison for helping themselfs to the hard earned money of local tax payers.
Hot on the heals of our campaign to highlight Labour Councillors claiming thousands of pounds in allowances, by turning up to just one meeting every 6 months. A further  Labour MP, forced to resign for stealing thousands of pounds of public money, after being exposed by the BNP by buy resigning, seems to have escaped the long arm of the law.
£53.000 stolen by former Lewisham Labour council leader Margaret Moran during her period as a Labour MP will go unpunished as Moran has claimed she is depressed.
This abuse of the legal system in which elected politicians steal money on an epic scale, and when exposed escape jail, or even a police investigation is one of many reasons why the public has lost faith with the Labour party and the political establishment.
Last weeks shockingly low turn out across the UK and the terrible turn out in Manchester Central of just 18% of the vote should alarm us all, if people of the left   opposed to the Cuts and the Con-Lib Goverment fail to turn out, when we have a huge number of smaller parties to chose. then we will see the Conservatives back in power.
Manchester had the Pirate Party, Tusc and Respect as well as the Greens and groups of the right, and yet only 18% coming out should shame and alarm us all, whilst the establishment is totally to blame for this lack of trust.
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