Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lewisham Hospital Petitions can be signed and Flyers to deliver to your street

The Number of seriously ill patients forced to wait more than half an hour on trolleys and in ambulances before being admitted to A&E has increased by 300% in just 12 months.
I hope you can take some of this information to ad to your Consultation submission to win the campaign to save Lewisham A&E department.
Mounting delays for 999 patients at hospitals across the country as casualty units struggle to cope with Goverment cuts and the increasing number of A&E departments closed and downgraded.
A Goverment report states nearly half a million patients brought into casualty by ambulance last year were left for half an hour or more in vehicles or in corridors before being officially admitted. Several hundred waited longer than 2 hours. Guidelines state patients should be handed over to A&E staff within 15 minutes of hospital arrival.
Most Hospital Trusts  said the number of patients waiting more than 30 minutes had soarded by an average of 25% in the past year, whilst in London it was a staggering 50% increase, and the Goverment answer to this, is to Close Lewisham A&E.
In London , one of the worst affected areas, campaign and health staff are warning that the situation will get a lot worse if proposals to close 8 A&E departments at a time of rising population and the highest birth rate since 1971.
Sending patients to other struggerling hospital apartments across London .
Clearly how much information does the Goverment need to Prove that Close these Departments should not be closed.
Looking at the Figures it is also unclear as to how they have come by them, if we have increasingly Older population with a Baby boom, we will need to spend more money not less, and yet every report and survey shows that the tax payer is happy to pay for NHS more than any other tax.

Email me if you need flyers and Petitions to cover your Street, school, Place of Work. We also have people Covering Every Station in Lewisham ande Every School, People Before Profit is the Fastest growing Political Group in the UK, but we can never have anoth help for a Campaign this large. You do not need to be a Supporter or member of People before Profit to work with us to insure the Goverment gets the Message, Our Health Service is NOT for sale. It is a Health Service not a Business.

Website for the Consultation;


Call freephone;  0800 953 0110

Twitter; @officeTSA

Write; Office of the trust Special Administrator
co; South London Healthcare NHS Trust
Frognal avenue, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6LT
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