Monday, 12 November 2012

Shia Labeoufs, Nymphomaniacs a New Cross Pub and a none story

Whilst New Cross is becoming very cool these dates, James Bond even drives through it in Skyfall , if you look close, you will see the New Cross Inn, up for sale for a mind blowing £1.2 Million. With Goldsmiths and the Laban and the Wonderful People before Profit team it is offensive to be featured in the media in such a negative way.
New Cross is cool, happening and far better place to spend your time than the West End, so the visit by Transformer Star, the  very wonderful Mr Shia Labeouf  in town to promote his new movie Nymphomaniac with Co Star Mia Goti at the Hobgoblin in New Cross seems to have been used more as a publicity stunt, going by the huge coverage and reporting of his visit to the pub, and a visit to Mias mum, who lives in New Cross, yes stars do come from Lewisham.
Whilst it was claimed someone recognised him and pulled off his baseball cap you do wonder how this became the story.
 A superstar dareing to visit South London to meet real people? or the Shock of a Superstar being recognised in New Cross...An area the establishment clearly keeps well away from.
This is proberly the way most of us local residents like it.
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