Friday, 9 November 2012

Lewisham Hospital Hundreds turn out for Public meeting

In less than a week, local GP, resident and mum Louise Irvine organised the largest public meeting in less than a week, ever organised in Lewisham.
4 halls was still not anothe space  to hold the hundreds and BBC news team that came from across South London, to show support to save Lewisham Hospital and the NHS from what is clearly a political agenda to go along the American system and privatise our health service.
If the huge numbers can take to the streets with petitions and join the mass demo for saturday 24 November at 3pm, by Lewisham Station for march on the Hospital we should win this campaign.
I was pleased to be one of the first speakers, being able to highlight the PFI aspect to  this proposal for which People before Profit are Clear, this Shopuld be made unlawful and banned..
I  had hope to challenge Steve Bullock to support the campaign by producing a flyer to every home in Lewisham with advice as to how to join the campaign, and guidence on how to submit a view to the consultation.
 I was also hoping to get the Council to agree to work with Southwark and Greenwich Councils, both of which have residents that use Lewisham, and the fact that if Lewisham Closes they will have to pick up the 115.000 visitors A&E gets every year.
Clearly the huge rise in Population of more young people will see Maternity demand soar, and the Consultation alsop fails to take into account the increasing numbers of local residents in real poverty and the additional health service demands this will lead to.
I have put forward all these as Questions to Council, and will publish on this Blog once Council responds, i am Also doing door to dopor Petitions in New cross and deptford, if you are a Local resident and can come out and Help, contact me or offer to help through the Lewisham People Before Profit website.
Next Consultation Meeting is 10am,  16 November at Goldsmiths College, this is when you can challenge the head guy behind these plans direct.

Are you aware that the Hospital cost £250 Million, the Hospital has paid the Private Company £500 Million, by the time the lease ends, we as tax payers would have paid this company that pays little tax 2 Billion and yet we will not even own the Hospital. In short this is like the Council instead of going to the Bank to borrow at 0.5% as it could, it gets a loan with wonga .com at 5000% interest. Set up Under Labour it is Shameful they are not calling for PFI to be outlawed. We cannot afford it, and international Companies must not be aloud to profit out of the Health of local people.

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