Monday, 26 November 2012

Poverty in Britain we should all be asking WHY?.

 So it is Official, we have more people in Poverty in work, than without work at home.
It seems that no main stream party will take on the rich and stop the racket of rich people getting VAT numbers so they can claim back any VAT they pay.
Why has Labour and the Conservatives put a stop to rich people paying the same council tax on a mansion as that paid by a council tenant?
Why has Labour and the Conservatives failed to force big business to pay better wages?
Are you aware that 61% of working people are paid such low wages they need welfare? and yet we tax payers seem to think it is ok for big business to pay low wages in the clear knowledge that we tax payers will top up the wage with benefits.
This is nothing short than the tax payer subsudising the profits of big business, and yet we are told we have no money.
As the NHS comes under increasing threat, the Goverment has removed the body that used to monitor hospital error, clearly, cuts mean less staff and more mistakes, over resent years the health service has paid out billions in compensation, money that would be saved if we protected the NHS instead of giving it away to big business to profit and turn the health service into one only people with money can use.
Labour and Conservative they both offer the same , Labour Invented PFI, this is the policy that saw Woolwich and Bromley Hospital get built for £210 million by a private company, so far the health trust has paid the developer £500 Million, by the end of the lease it will be £2 billion and we the tax payer will not even own the building.
In Lewisham on Saturday thousands and thousands marched in the rain in protest at the planned closure of Lewisham A& E Department BUT THE SIZE WAS IGNORED BY MAIN STREAM PRESS FOR FEAR OF THE SITE OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MARCHING IN THE RAIN COULD SPREAD NATIONWIDE. the Reason? the neighbouring health trust due to PFI the Labour money scandle that should be made unlawful has gone bust. under PFI if the school or hospital goes bust the Goverment must pay the debt. so we are fighting to save our HOSPITAL, AS THEY PLAN TO SELL OF 46% OF THE SITE FOR DEVELOPMENT, IE TO COVER THE LOSS TO PAY THE LOAN SHARKS.
 In Lewisham People before Profit is growing fast, a political movement made from community roots that puts the Interest of people first.
 Labour Lewisham has been a disaster for the poor, its record of cuts and mismanagement are epic, and voters are expected to vote People befopre Profit councillors into power at the next round of elections.
In Lewisham Barbara Raymond and myself with fellow People Before Profit members have set up a food bank, not for the homeless, but for working people and pensioners who just due to rent, transport costs, utility bills, simply have no money to buy food, we also feed large numbers of small traders not getting welfare who if a client does not pay, or pays late means they have no food.
 It is a Global scandle that this is going on, and it is a national scandle that people are still voting for the Labour Party and the Conservatives, which clearly do not on any level represent them or what should be done in their name. The establishment runs our state, we can change this, but we need to first stop and think before we vote, join an alternative party, and if no one else is running. Join People before Profit and be a candidate., We have the power. We need to take it back, Stop taking for granted that our Leaders really care about us, and stop following main stream news, which is nothing short of Goverment properganda. Go on line and find the truth.

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