Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lewisham Labour Party. Spend 1 hour with me in Lewisham and you would never vote Labour again

Ok, this is the Challenge, spend just 1 hour with me in Lewisham, meeting the local residents who come to me every day for help and advice, and you will be truly disgusted in the way the disabled, residents with mental health Issues, the homeless as well as tenants seeking repairs,  and to have bugs and mice removed from their home, are treated.
You could ask why if Labour are so Wonderful, that huge numbers of Labour party activists and union leaders came together to set up a totally new political Party, People before Profit, such was the anger at the terrible way in which Lewisham Council  is run into the ground by the Labour Party.
I have over the past 6 weeks been seeking to help a retired school teacher of 64 years of Age, secure a safe place to live ITV featured her plight living in a hut in a garden in Deptford, and yet even though she has had the media profile, Lewisham Homeless unit and Ship have past her around the system in a way you would not treat a stray dog.
I have other residents i am helping when clearly the equality act is being breached when dealing with people with mental heath problems, whilst others have major problems with Lewisham, and just give up because they have no money for lawyers, and feel they cannot win against the system.
People before Profit is not a party of the Left, it has members from across the political spectrum including Conservatives disgusted by this Goverments agenda, and former Green party members that see People before Profit, as the real political alternative.
Labour in Lewisham is using the Cuts as a way of building Labour and using Cuts to cover its shocking lack of management, i am so pleased so many people at last are seeing Labour in Lewisham for what it is.
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