Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Deptford Save the School House Question and response from Council

AreaQuestion asked by:     Mr R Woolford

Member to reply:       Deputy Mayor


In light of the present Housing Matters Consultation taking place and the estimate £150,000 cost of building each new council home, and the huge cost of B&B and hostel housing, will the Council confirm it will NOT be demolishing the modern, Council owned, without a Mortgage, 3 bedroom, double glazed, former Caretakers house as part of the site clearance on the site of former Deptford Green School by Deptford Police Station SE8.


The caretaker’s house sits within the curtilage of the school site and as such without the consent of the Secretary of State cannot be used for anything other than education purposes.  As part of the overall proposals to deliver a new, single site school, on the Edward Street/Fordham Park site the LA sought and received approval from the Secretary of State for the Amersham Vale site to be released for alternative use.  This was key to delivering the overall proposals because there is an absolute requirement under the planning approval for the new school to provide public open space on part of the Amersham Vale site to replace that space on Fordham Park which is used for the new school’s Multi Use Games.  

Clearly when these talks were taking place, no one bothered to note a perfectly decent family home was on site, yet further failings in Lewishams Labour adminstration.
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