Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lewisham Hospital Consultation George hallam forces Trust administrator to flee Consultation meeting

The Consultation meeting today at Greenwich West Community Centre , saw a red faced and fearful Trust Adminstrator flee the stage, after People Before Profit Member and economist George Hallam  made a speech on the NHS and highlighted the fact, the Consultation was a farce, and that it was all about Privatisation of the Health service, and nothing to do with improving health care.
John Hamilton and myself challenged the administrator on Job cuts, PFI, and rising population not taken into account in the paper work, i also pointed out that the Goverment has record numbers of people in work and paying tax, and the one tax we all are happy to pay is for the NHS, This is not a Business it is a health service.
As it became increasely clear that this was not a true consultation George Hallam, put forward what the Goverment agenda is, as the Administrator and chair sort to cut George short, security were called, and the Chair and Team fled to an adjoing room, even though George was no treat and was only stateing what we all understand is fact.
George ,  Out burst should be on YOUTUBE  later, i will put link on this site by midday.
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