Thursday, 15 November 2012

Labour Lewisham at Last Publish Hospital Campaign on Council website

Lewisham Council have at last published the details and link about the Lewisham Hospital Campaign, on its website.
 Readers should be alarmed as to why it has taken so long, and also why the Labour Council unlike Ealing Council is still refusing to produe a news letter to every resident in Lewisham about the Hospital closure plans, and how to respond to the public consultation, something People before profit called for over a week ago.
 As usual People before Profit members have printed thousands of postcards with our own money  and have members handing them out at every station in the borough, every school, and every home in New Cross and Deptford with door to door petition.
We still need more help due to the size of the borough, and you do not need to be a member or supporter of LPBP to help with the Hospital Campaign.
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