Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Could you be a People Before Profit Local Councillor?

People before Profit is starting to organise training for people across the UK, who would be interested in standing in the next round of local elections, as People before Profit candidates.
We will offer full support and training, as well as some financial support for News Letters etc, and would help with sending speakers for public meetings.
As we are eager to build a real Community based political alternative we need people to stand at all levels.
Please email me if you wish to attend or need more information.
People before Profit at the Last Irish Elections saw 3 MPs elected and a dozen local councillors, in London we expect to see elected Councillors in Lewisham, where we have community activists in our Target wards, working day after day on Community campaigns, and helping local residents one to one, as well as running Hospital, Housing, and anti cuts Campaigns.
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