Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Homeless Pensioner in Shed gets Council home thanks to People before Profit

Some of you may have seen the resent ITV programme about poverty in London, in which i was featured in a wider news story about the work of People before Profit.
 The programme featured an interview with a former school teacher and 64 Year old pensioner living in a nissan hut in Deptford. the news clip is on an earlier blog posting on this site.
Thank fully after a very long campaign to force Lewisham Council to act, before it was faced with the real possibility of a homeless pensioner freezing to death in Deptford. the Council have acted, and with some help from Labour Councillors who support much of the work of People before Profit. Yvonne was given the keys to her safe and dry home today.
People before profit people have come forward with gifts to furnish her new home. and we are all truly grateful to the large numbwers of people that have helped at every level on this case.
Much of the work carried out in Lewisham by People before Profit members goes mostly unreported.
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