Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lawyers, Solicitors, Legal Students wanted in Lewisham

Can you help people in real need, with Housing, Education and Beneifit Issues?
Lewisham Council has a truly shocking record  in which it treats the weakest members, and with Closure of Law centres etc, we do not have a centre in which residents can secure free legal advice and support .Working in Lewisham will give you a chance to do some truly life saving work, even helping just 1 hour a week can truly make a difference, whilst this position would also allow a new legal student to make a mark and help on so many levels.
We have no money, but this role could help you secure a real secure long term job based on your work with us, whilst if you are retired, your calm and experience could help us do so much more at a time you have never been needed more.
Email me.
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