Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Carnival against the cuts, planning group for 2013

People before Profit are starting on next years Carnival against the cuts march through Lewisham, last year we organised demos across Lewisham outside every centre facing closure or cuts, and at a set time, all banged sauce pans on mass at a set time.
For 2013 again we are seeking to work with every group campaigning to defend services, fighting cuts and jobs, and are hoping again to offer a radicle different type of demo, following on from the biggest demo in years we organised last time, which even in the rain, saw hundreds marching.
This year i am hoping that we change the focus and highlight the impact of the poor and the young by making these cuts more focused on what happens to real people when you take away jobs, services and homes.
Each part of the march will have a broad focus to tell a story so people every where can truly see what is going on.
If you want to get active in the Organisation of the carnival , your group would like to take part, you do not have to be members or supporters of People before Profit to take part. please email or go to Lewisham People before Profit website.
First meeting to set date and plan focus of the day will be next week.
You may wish to organise your own Carnival in your area in support. We are also thinking of holding it to tie in with the day the Coalition Goverment started, or Even May Day. this has yet to be agreed, but will have more details to post on this blog by the end of the Month.
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