Friday, 23 November 2012

Lewisham Special needs school facing Closure as Labour Lewisham ends funding

Lewisham parents of Special needs children are coming to terms with yet another unit for Special needs children having its funding withdrawn from Labour Lewisham and the real possibility of closure and the loss of 12 jobs.
Lewisham Opportunity Pre school must find £15.000 to get it through this financial year.
The School in Longbridge way Lewisham opened in 1981 specifically for children who have special needs and was rated outstanding by ofstead.
Labour Mayor has juast appointed a new cabinet minister at a wage that would pay for this school until the end of the year. Lewisham Council spends over £6 million a year on Consultant fees.
Whilst Labour councillors have been exposed in the press for collecting thousands of pounds as Councillors by attending just 1 meeting every 6 months the same Labour party is taking away Education from local kids in most need. They should hold there heads in shame.
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