Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Londons Fastest Growing Blog

After a slow start i am delighted to be told by Google that my Blog is the most read in Lewisham Borough... By a mile...This is also one of the fastest growing community blogs in the UK, with a Global Readership.
I had thought  when i started out on this blog, that calling it Lewisham, would insure that my readership would be just the borough, but due to the massive profile of People before Profit as a new political alternative and the stunning success in the Irish Elections of the party, i am seeing and hearing from people across the globe in tune with our politics, getting inspired and keen to spread our party across the globe.
Whilst a small number moan about my editorial style, i feel i should not seek to air brush or seek to put forward copy that is word perfect and writtern to the highest standard, i am not university educated and feel i should write in the way i chose, as this reflects me and not a polished political copy agenda that would bore most sane people.
The wonderful emails i get from across the globe clearly show that i am doing something that people enjoy in increasingly huge numbers, whilst most blogs do not list me, on the grounds i do not write good English, or they do not want their blogs to be political, i have no problem with like minded soles who do share my politics linking my blog to there websites or blogs.
As i head towards 100.000 readers something i could never imagine when i started on this journey with my blog, i hope that as i pass the 100.000 readership mark i am able to report back on Councillors being elected and more Groups set up not just across UK, but world wide.
I find the google site amazing to access data as to which countries read my blog, and it seems even remote parts of the world, get a regular Lewisham Campaigner fix.
I am truly grateful for your support with my blog, the exclusive news storys i have been first to brake, and the huge amount of feed back you give me.
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