Wednesday 2 April 2014

Convoys Wharf Hearing.. Sham deal for Londoners ! As People Before Profit raise concerns

Dear Readers
                Convoys Wharf is just a giant Ego trip for Mayor Johnson, who seems to model himself on Henry the 8th, by Supporting  the Lenox Ship building Project and Sayers Court Gardens, Whilst both projects have the full support of People Before profit,at the expense of locals health, Londoners need for affordable homes and need for real jobs not more Tesco metros.. is it fair or just that people before profit  concerns have been ignored by the Mayor and Labour Lewisham.

Is it fair that Lewisham residents waste will be used to give low cost green energy for the  super rich, whilst the local residential population are in fuel poverty?

Is it fair that both Labour and Mayor refuse to listen to its own risk assessment,  that the land is contaminated at such alarming levels could poison the water and Air.. Our calls for air Monitoring in place next week  ignored.

Is it not fair that Mayor refuses to protect Affordable homes by changing the lease so none in future will end up in the Buy to let market by insuring they can only be sold as homes and only let back to Social sector.

Is it fair that Jobs go to local people? We ask that the developer works with the local community to create local jobs, and does not allow sheds to be erected on site, so these can then be called local residents as Happened in Olympic Park.

Is it not a fair request that our elected politicians put forward ideas for Self Build, Co operative housing and Council homes to create a long term sustainable housing market for the workers of London not the Offshore investors , Dodgy escaping business and political leaders who choose to use London  as a cheap place to hide there ill-gotten gains

It Seems Locals will only have a true voice when they vote and Elect People Before Profit councillors in Mays Local Elections

Ray Woolford

People Before profit

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As Always it was left to Lewisham People Before Profit to organise the lobby after all the groups that had promised to show up failed to come. Deptford Artise and People Before Profit Member Dan Strange made all the awesome art work for this campaign and our Members abnd supporters did awesome job standing up for Deptford.

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