Tuesday 29 April 2014

Lewisham Council elections Save Lewisham Hospital Lewisham Central ward

Richard Proctor is the Lewisham People Before Profit  Save Lewisham Hospital candidate in this ward.
Richard like many of us in People Before Profit was a  founder member of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and carried out most of the work in the early days when Labour party had nothing to do with the campaign... The striking banners and design work was made and designed by richard. as a local resident he is passionate about the NHS and like us all concerned that Labour party have hijacked the Save Lewisham Campaign to stop concerns about Labour party PFI deals that lead to hospital crises in the first place.Today SLH is no longer a broad based community campaign as at the AGM a list was circulated a copy of which i have with names approved by the Labour party. this lead to all opposition or concerned members who have dared to be
Founder Member of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Ladywell PB4P candidate Helen Mercer.

Lewisham People Before Profit a record of standing up to establishment privatisation and cuts.

Ray Barron-Woolford and Barbara Raymond Candidates for PB4P in New Cross Ward at the start of the campaign

We fought hard to insure Lewisham residents could understand PFI and Labours role in it.
critical of Labour getting slung of the board.
Think most lewisham residents reguardless of your politics will be disgusted by what Labour have done and will vote on mass for all Lewisham People Before Profit candidates. With the PFI debt being dumped on Lewisham Our Hospital is AT GREATER RISK THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN.. READERS MAY HAVE FORGOTTON THAT IN 2008 LABOUR GOVERMENT HAD PLANNED TO CLOSE a&e DEPARTMENT .
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