Tuesday 22 April 2014

Lewisham Local elections Deptford Eveyn Ward best placed candidates to win.

George Hallam high profile economist and key founder member of the Save Lewisham hospital campaign, is standing with  Health  worker Barbara Janiszewska and  teacher, equalities expert Paul Nichols .

Name: George Hallam

Party: Lewisham People Before Profit

Lives: Ladywell ward, Lewisham borough

I am an economic migrant from Birmingham. I moved to London in 1979 in search of work.  Since 1991 I have lived in Lewisham. As an economist I see the way issues of unemployment, housing and poverty are linked. This is especially so in areas like Evelyn. As an active campaigner I can see these problems won't be solved without political action at both the local and national levels. More recently, I have been fighting to save local health services and our NHS from private profiteers. I was the chief steward of the two big Save Lewisham hospital demonstrations.


I am an ex serviceman who firmly believes that the pen is far mightier than the sword. Over the years I have been interviewed by the BBC, the VOICE newspaper, the local Mercury and the Times educational supplement. In 1995 following an interview with a senior NASA astronaut, I was constructive in the setting up of the first public access to the internet in the borough of Lewisham. I am also a present member of TRIDENT  IAG (a civilian group monitoring the MET's response to gun related crime) Social Exclusion is also a crime, let's fight it together.

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