Wednesday 30 April 2014

Lewisham Schools Sir Francis Drake Deptford; Teachers and parents concerned about development plans

Contacted today whilst giving out flyers at the school gates today .

Lewisham council plans to knock down the present  popular Sir francis drake Primary  school rebuild to much larger hight and scale ,  and increase number of children by over  200.

 Parents and teachers concerned about quality of teaching with so many kids and the new Class room sizes are much smaller with many local kids living in over crowded homes good size class rooms are key to doing well.

Parents and Teachers say old Tidemills or the former Deptford Green school site should be used, not distroying a much loved small school doing awesome work with many kids with problems.

Teachers and parents have asked that we raise profile so all parents and local residents are aware what is going on.

Would welcome any feed back offers of help for this campaign,

This is Evelyn ward, so Lewisham People Before Profit Evelyn Ward team ,  Barbara, George and Paul Will be leading this. Public notice of consultation to be posted 7 May .

This will be fast moving story;
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As you read this People Before Profit are alarmed that plans to turn the former Deptford Green School into a community garden have come to a halt even though condition of planning and reason to knock down a perfectly good school and a 3 bed family home was that site wopuld be uused as a Green space.
Clearly like much else in Lewisham . Labour cannot be trusted.
22 May Vote People Before Profit...We will put community need before developers greed.


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