Monday 28 April 2014

Lambeth Council Clapham Town Ward Julian Hall best Council Candidate for job.

Ok i am not a Green, the party is running candidates against PB4P in Lewisham, but i care about Housing and the Greens Julian Hall has done huge amount to raise profile of housing crises in Lambeth to a global readership, he has clear understanding of the issues, cares and has no shame in putting community need before developers greed. whatever your politics on 22 May you have 3 votes, Please, Please give Julian Hall one of your 3 Votes, London and Lambeth needs conviction politicians not more Labour party drones.

 This is What Julian has to Say:

I chose to stand against my local Labour councillors in Clapham Town Ward, in Lambeth, because they completely sold-old the housing co-operative communities there.  Despite promising us that they would "fight for your right to remain in your homes" they now support our eviction.  The only one who stood up for us was Cllr Helen O'Malley, but she has now been deselected, an action that only serves to remind us of the appalling way in which Labour organise themselves internally.

Many lifelong Labour voters have been lost because of this.  Meanwhile, the Green Party have actively helpful in support of the campaign against the evictions. Many other anti-cuts groups including People Before Profit have lent their support too, and we are very grateful for that.

Julian Hall
Lambeth United Housing Co-operative

Twitter:  @LUHousingCoop

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