Tuesday 1 April 2014

New Cross and Deptford Community Launch Family housing action

Basic information on scheduling:
Date: Saturday 26th April 2014
Daytime events: between 11am – 5pm
Evening events: 6pm – 10pm
Venues: Various, situated between the Deptford Town Hall in New Cross, and New Cross Gate and Telegraph Hill.
·         Kids & Parents event: fun, games, and making stuff around housing issues, such as cardboard-box houses
·         Open-House Co-operative and Self-Build Trail
·         Speakers and workshops from local and national campaign groups
·         Film Showings
·         Anti-Gentrification Tours
Provisional Speakers who have got back:

Speakers Topics
Storm Poorun Carpet Bagging & Co-ops
Students for Co-operation Students & Co-operation: Workshop
SLN Squatting Legal
Owen Hatherley This Property is Condemned
Nervemeter Homelessness
Jon Broome (& Lewisham Self-builders) Self-Build: Potential and Challenges
Simon Kew Eco-Village
There will also be an event on gentrification/ regeneration of Deptford (speakers, sound installation, etc), happening on the Friday 25th April put on by CUCR (http://www.gold.ac.uk/cucr/) at the Deptford Town Hall. Have spoken to them and alerted them to the Weekender, so hopefully tie in together for a weekend on housing in the area.
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